Selecting the right cutting tool before and after the heat treatment process and the right methodology is extremely important for the performance of the mold. In the rough operation procedure, an enormous amount of stress can build up due to the type of raw materials as well as the change in their volume and geometry. If the volume change exceeds 30% of the original blocs total vacuum, it is a standard procedure of Antrametal to apply stress relieving of the  tension procedure after the hardening application in order to prevent any micro fractures from occurring and minimize deterioration


     The final step is to create the surface of the mold that would resist the hard conditions during its life time. The geometry of the cutting tool and the coating of the surface of the cutting equipment affects the stress level of the mold surface directly. EDM and WEDM that are applied on hardened surfaces, changes the chemical structure of the surface of the mold component and micro structure of the re-hardened layer. It is necessary to clear out the surfaces that can go as deep as 25μm white layer areas with unwanted chemical structure. To obtain the highest resistance level against micro structure and to prevent the surface corrosion, Antrametal uses modern cutting equipment coated with low friction and manages to minimize the effects of EDM and WEDM operations.