Selection of proper cutting tool and machining process before and after heat treatment has great importace on the performance of the die system. In rough machining process enermous amount of stress can be created due to the volumetric and geometrical change of the block . If the volumetric change exceeds %30 of the original block cavity has to be applied to stress relieving opertion prior to hardening process to minimize the distortion during hardening . 

          Final machining is creating the surface that will contact with molten metal for several times during the life time of the die system. The geometry of cutting tool and the coating applied to the surface of cutting tool has directly effect on the stress level of the final die surface. EDM operation applied to the hardened surface changes the microstructure of the die surafece and rehardened layer and heat effected zone has to be removed from the final surface which can reach up to 25μm. For achieving the best resistance to heat checking and avoid erosion on die surface Antrametal uses most modern cutting tools with low friction coating applied and minimizes EDM operation as low as possible level.