In HPDC process the movement of the plunger, prior to injecting the metal into the cavity, has a great effect on the atmospheric air- liquid aluminium interactionof the molten metal. In an non optimized shot profile the fluctuation of liquid aluminium couses blending of air and aluminium melt. According to fluctuation shape, the percentage of entrained air in the melt changes which will cause air entrapment porosity and high pressurized smal pores in the solidified product that reduces the mechanical properties of the product. 


     Another problem that lower mechanical properties of final product is formation of undesired Al2O3 micro particals due to the increased chemical interaction surface of air buble- aluminium melt. Within the SDC concept shot profile of the die system can be optimized by Flow 3D simulation program according to the customer's die casting machine to produce more sophisticated components with desired mechanical properties.