As a result of the increased productivity and aluminization of more sophisticated components die surfaces are subjected into drastical thermal and mechanical loads for today's die casting applications. Increased thermal load couses increased die surface temperature which has direct effect on both thermal fatigue and soldering of aluminium on die surface. For an uninterrupted high surface quality production we apply wide variety of surface treatments to the die system components. 


     In manufacturing program of Antrametal cores are applied to oxidation process to minimize soldering and increase thermal fatigue resistance. With the oxidation process a barrier layer created on die surface which prevents direct contact of molten metal to die surface and also final machining stress on die surface can be minimized to acihieve more thermal fatigue strenght. Within the SDC concept PVD Dublex coating is applied to the core pins and inserts which serves the best performance against soldering and erosion and makes it possible to perform an uninterrupted, high surface quality component production